Tuesday, October 11, 2011


The Lamp of Thoth, what you can say about them? There is quite simply no one like them. Unhinged? Maybe. Eccentric? Possibly. Inebriated? Frequently.
Over three years in the making this finally is in pressing mode and will be done shortly. This ep features new studio versions of three old demo tracks, (Skull Fuel, An Oath Sworn on the Ashlar Stone and The Boggard)Dark World (Saint Vitus cover done the bands own way)and three additional tracks(They Dance, Me Man Me Drink and Drinking Song) that simply defy description.

Come hear tales of Deranged Alchemy, Clandestine Occult Rituals and of course heavy drinking as only Heavy Metal can provide.

No Guarantees of anything except metalheads will have fists in the air and a new classic for their shelves while politcally correct types will leave with misty eyes and hurt feelings.

Over 40 minutes of darkness and abuse from the Lamp of Thoth, there is quite simply, no one like them.

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