Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Formed in 1984 out of the ashes of Tempter, Michigan's Genocide burst forth playing their form of brutal thrash spurred on by the likes of Celtic Frost,Discharge and Slayer. Through three demo's the band found themselves with the need to continually increase the speed, heaviness and gore of their out put culminating in the January 1986 WFBE demo(aka The Stench of Burning Death). This would be their final recording before demo'ing the Slaughter of the Innocent(aka Horrified) and changing their name to Repulsion.

Although the Legend of Repulsion has been well documented the full history of Genocide had never been committed to vinyl. So here you go, all three demo's plus four outakes from the WFBE sessions along with a 12 page 12x12 booklet with tons of super early pix,flyers,zine coverage and artwork. Black vinyl as usual and a 500 limitation.

A fitting tribute to the early foundations of a death metal legend.

Friday, July 8, 2011


Where were you in 79' when the dam began to burst? Well...Tonight you are transported back to the Royal William Pub in Ipswich to a dark,smoke filled ,ale soaked venue for a pre Give Em Hell gig with the arcane occult masters Witchfynde.

Ten songs including all of the first album(minus Ready to Roll)with Steve Bridges on vocals and showcasing Montalo's amazing and criminally underrated axe work(Including the first ever live rendition of Gettin"Heavy!). Additional songs are the never before recorded Why Dontcha?...The most raging track they ever did and Twilight Lady, a mysterious epic in the vein of Leaving Nadir and Unto the Ages...utterly amazing in its dark atmosphere as is the whole gig. The show fiishes off the Sabbath's Paranoid and the gig is done.
Warning: This is not a soundboard recording and there are drop ins on Give Em Hell and Leaving Nadir and a rougher sound throughout. While a invaluable treasure to us, those with sensitive ears or weak constitutions should avoid.
Comes in black vinyl and a gig reproduction poster. Pure magic for those who still beleive!