Friday, February 10, 2012


Coming in March:

This is the 13 track vinyl version of the bands Death and Destiny ep from 1979 and their other recorded demo output between 1980-1982. Killer Heavy Metal in the vein of Ligntning to the Nations era Diamond Head and Jaguar and Raven but predating their first records!!

One of the true forgotten legends of the NWOBHM for some and a brand new name to others this will go in the pantheon of NWOBHM records for all headbangers.

The release will come with:

8 Page Booklet- With Biography/Lyrics/clippings/posters/articles

Bingley Hall Heavy Metal Barndance Gig poster repro- From the legendary gig with Motorhead/Saxon/Angel Witch/Girlschool/White Spirit/Mythra and Vardis!

There will be a Die Hard on this one with details announced soon.

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