Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Nearly 30 years after its original release on the band's own Elemental records we are more than proud to present the reissue of the bands first official release The Opening Ritual! The most obscure Cloven Hoof material, the ep showed the world the first taste of the bands occult epic power metal and then disappeared only to be unearthed by the more agressive vinyl hunters of the world over the years for highly inflated prices.

We were looking for additional material for the release when Lee said he had recently found the first 1982 demo from the band. We were hoping the quality would be good, what we heard stunned us. A demo of equal quality in sound and songs to the Opening Ritual.The demo includes "That's the way it goes", Return of the Passover", "Road of Eagles" and "A Piece of the Action".

Presented in 500 copies with a reproduction sleeve, black vinyl and the coolest poster you've ever seen. Available now or soon at NWN!(USA) HELLS HEADBANGERS(USA) HHO(GERMANY)SVART(FINLAND)AFORJA(GERMANY)ROCKADROME(USA)CENTURY MEDIA(USA) OR contact the label ar for wholesale.

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  1. Thanx for the reissue, no thanx for the poster...
    The poster was so blurry that it lost the point of being printed... Of course the album itself is great and a must for all Cloven hoof and NWOBHM fans!