Thursday, February 24, 2011


"No! We shall not give in. Marching our forces to the castle of sin. Burn! Their foundations down. Litter the ground with mangled limbs."

Originally released on cd by Barbarian Wrath in 2010 , we instantly became obsessed with the record. Nothing fancy what so ever, just 7 awesome tracks of real heavy metal that you cant get out of your head and will become a classic to those still around.

We added three lives tracks in the form of Crushing Gothic Slime, Horned Lord and Smouldering Sinners and comes with an OBI strip and four page book including lyrics.

No pope hats or channeling some crappy 70's satanic ritual because The Wizar'd are metal heads....and they hate you.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Originally releases towards the end of 1998 on Misanthropy records Solstice's New Dark Age lp has been called many things. The Greatest album of the 90's, The benchmark of Epic Doom Metal or for some the album that confirmed that metal would be there purpose in life. Whatever your view the album is an undisputed classic of real Heavy Metal.

The original vinyl presentation by Metal Supremacy was issued shortly after and disappeared just as quickly. We are proud to make available once again after over a decade the vinyl presentation of this milestone recording.

Issued with two slabs of black vinyl,a case wrapped Orzel approved teeth bashing sleeve with foil stamping and an eight page book with never seen before photos and forward by the esteemed Rich "Militia" Walker. Also included are two bonus tracks in the form of Trespass and Iron Maiden covers. This will be the heaviest record on your shelves in every sense.

Eloquent,intelligent and crushingly heavy all at once and limited to 500 and now running low. So go to your favorite distro listed below and support real underground heavy metal now!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Often called one of the the rarest metal record of all time, the original Street Child record was released in 1989 and disappeared quickly thereafter. Scarcity aside, this is a shining of example of the best of U.S. Metal,Emotional,Epic and Heavy. The original 4 track ep is added to here with three tracks from the 1990 demo of equal sound quality.

This was a charity release between us and the band and is now sold out from us. The proceeds have been forwarded to the appropriate parties and will end up benefitting Children's Cancer Research.

For the last copies please visit the distros listed at the bottom of this page and thanks to everyone who supported and most of all the band for creating and making accessable that feeling we live for.